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21 /hr. Explaining the X-Men: Days Of Future Past post-credits sequence

We take a look at the post-credits sequence of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, with spoilers, and explain what it's all about... - 7 hours, 49 minutes

379 /hr. Red Letter Media Half in the Bag: Godzilla (98) and Godzilla (2014) :

8 hours, 19 minutes

3200 /hr. The Blue Elephant Movie Trailer الأعلان الأول لفيلم الفيل الأزرق

Official Facebook : Official Twitter : Official Instagram : http://instagram.... - 8 hours, 59 minutes

95 /hr. Iranian actress Leila Hatami faces public flogging - Telegraph

Iranian court is asked to order the public flogging of award-winning actress Leila Hatami for greeting Cannes festival president with a kiss - 9 hours, 8 minutes

152 /hr. 12 sci-fi films still to look forward to in 2014

Looking for a handy list of the science fiction films still to look forward to this year? Then here's the post for you... - 9 hours, 9 minutes

32 /hr. Gareth Edwards to Direct 'Godzilla 2' After 'Star Wars' Spinoff

Legendary Entertainment CEO Thomas Tull confirms 'Godzilla' director Gareth Edwards is still attached to helm the film's sequels after the 'Star Wars' spinoff. - 9 hours, 38 minutes

21 /hr. 'Godzilla' proves that Hollywood has a boring white guy problem

'Godzilla' gets everything right—except its lead. - 15 hours, 29 minutes

67 /hr. Cannes 2014 review: Leviathan - a new Russian masterpiece

Andrei Zvagintsev's latest is a very strong contender for the Palme d'Or - a mix of Hobbes, Chekhov and the Bible, full of extraordinary images and magnificent symmetry - 15 hours, 39 minutes

24 /hr. Debbie Reynolds: 'Everyone I dated was gay. Except for Robert Wagner'

Get your mid-Tuesday fill of old school Hollywood gossip with this candid interview with the unsinkable Debbie Reynolds over at UK newspaper The Telegraph. She goes on about how so many leading men in Hollywood were gay when she was young, and probably still are, as per one juicy example. - 15 hours, 49 minutes

79 /hr. Every Single Nicolas Cage Laugh

...and some other stuff too. From 64 movies, Best of Times (1981) all the way up to Rage (2014) - none of the animated works. Why no animated films? Because ... - 19 hours, 19 minutes

33 /hr. All the X-Men Movies In 3 Minutes

Getting ready to see "X-Men: Days of Future Past"? Allow us to get you up to speed. In this video, we recap all six movies in the series so far... in three m... - 19 hours, 49 minutes

110 /hr. New Star Wars movie to be penned by game writer Gary Whitta

Former PC Gamer editor-in-chief and longtime games journalist Gary Whitta is set to write a new Star Wars movie. According to, Whitta, whose movie writing credits include The Book of... - 20 hours, 9 minutes

62 /hr. What the Fuck Is Going on in 'Godzilla'? | VICE United States

The movie was awesome, but a few things left us scratching our heads. - 20 hours, 19 minutes

25 /hr. TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION - Official "The Fall Of Chicago" Viral Video (2014) [HD]

Release Date: June 27, 2014 (2D theaters and IMAX) Studio: Paramount Pictures Director: Michael Bay Screenwriter: Ehren Kruger Starring: Mark Wahlberg, Jack ... - 21 hours, 29 minutes

49 /hr. Gareth Edwards Is Directing The First Stand-Alone Star Wars Film

Fresh off his triumph with the Godzilla reboot, Gareth Edwards is taking on another monumental challenge: transforming Star Wars into just a single series of films into a Shared Universe of films. Edwards will direct the first standalone Star Wars film, coming December 2016. - 21 hours, 39 minutes

26 /hr. New 'Star Wars' film coming December 2016 from the director of 'Godzilla'

With newly-minted blockbuster Godzilla under his belt, director Gareth Edwards will direct the first of several standalone Star Wars films that will be separate from the upcoming trilogy that picks... - 21 hours, 48 minutes

26 /hr. Are We at Peak Superhero?

It seems like the comic-book bubble will never pop — but Marvel isn’t too big to fail. - 21 hours, 49 minutes

28 /hr. Godzilla director Gareth Edwards making Star Wars spin-off

UPDATED: The next Star Wars film after Star Wars: Episode VII will land in December 2016. - 21 hours, 59 minutes

85 /hr. | Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta Onboard for Star Wars Stand-Alone Film

22 hours, 7 minutes

51 /hr. 'Star Wars' Spinoff to be Directed by 'Godzilla' Filmmaker Gareth Edwards

"Godzilla" director Gareth Edwards has been tapped to direct Lucasfilm's standalone "Star Wars" film that Disney will release on Dec. 16, 2016. Gary Whitta ("The Book of Eli") will write the script... - 22 hours, 8 minutes

137 /hr. Gareth Edwards Star Wars: Godzilla Director to Helm Spin Off Film

Gareth Edwards, the director of Godzilla and Monsters, is the first director hired to direct a Star Wars spin-off film. It'll likely be released in 2016. - 22 hours, 9 minutes

42 /hr. 'Star Wars' Spinoff Hires 'Godzilla' Director Gareth Edwards (Exclusive)

Fresh off the success of Godzilla, filmmaker Gareth Edwards has lined up his next project, something set in a galaxy far, far away. Edwards is attached to direct one of the Star Wars spinoff films, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Due to the high level of secrecy surrounding the Star Wars development process, it is unclear which spinoff Edwards will tackle. - 22 hours, 19 minutes

3300 /hr. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #7

There are a lot of celebrities on twitter and some people feel very comfortable using twitter to insult those celebrities. From time to time, we gather those... - 23 hours, 9 minutes

29 /hr. Why We Need More Woman-Girls And Fewer Man-Boys In Film

Anna Kendrick stars in a movie called "Happy Christmas" this summer. Maybe you've seen the trailer? It's a film directed by Joe Swanberg, in which she drinks, and is on the floor a lot of times, and does other irresponsible things around th... - 1 day

22 /hr. 'Star Wars: Episode VII': Want to be in the movie ...?

As J.J. Abrams and company get underway shooting "Star Wars: Episode VII," they're still adding pieces to the cast. One of those pieces could be you. - 1 day

49 /hr. Clouds of Sils Maria - International Trailer | HD

Official Trailer for Clouds of Sils Maria Starring:Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart, Chloë Grace Moretz Subscribe to Moviepilot Trailers: - 1 day

31 /hr. Meet the man who unwittingly restored Tarantino's stolen "Pulp Fiction" Malibu

Bill Hemenez of San Leandro, Calif., spent over $40,000 to restore a classic 1964 Chevy Malibu that he'd purchased from a collector more than 12 years ago. He drove the car to countless shows across the state and was continually investing money into keeping it meticulous. - 1 day, 1 hour

54 /hr. MAGIC IN THE MOONLIGHT (2014) Official HD Trailer

Starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone, written and directed by Woody Allen. - 1 day, 1 hour

210 /hr. Disney's Big Hero 6 Official Teaser Trailer

Disney's Big Hero 6 opens in theatres in 3D November 7, 2014. Like Big Hero 6 on Facebook: Follow Big Hero 6 on Twitt... - 1 day, 1 hour

96 /hr. Inside a Hollywood Hit Job: How Sting Artist James O’Keefe Tried to Set His Latest Trap – And Got Stung Himself

Sting artist James O’Keefe says anti-fracking filmmaker Josh Fox is one of his latest victims. But Fox says his own secret tape reveals O’Keefe’s true methods. - 1 day, 2 hours