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John Carpenter - Christine (Official Music Video)

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The theme for "Christine" is available as a part of John Carpenter's 'Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998,' out October 20 on Sacred Bones Records. Preorder: Director: John Carpenter Producer: Sandy King Production Manager: Justin Moritt !st Asst. Director: Tony Adler Director of Photography: Eduardo Fierro Production Designer: David Redier-Linsk Editor: Patrick McMahon Optical effects: Scott Gregory Location Manager: Jennifer Dunne Stunt Co-ordinator/Driver of Christine: Jeff Imada Stylist: Sophie Gransard-Davies Hair Stylist: Christian Marc Make-up Artist: Samuel Paul Storm King Special Projects Coordinator: Ross Sauriol Office co-ordinator: Sean Sobczak Post-Productions Services: Warner Bros. Christine courtesy of Bill Gibson VW Thing car...
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